Ryan T. Rogers

Ryan Rogers has more than 30 years of experience in the self storage industry, focusing on operations management, feasibility analysis, acquisitions, and marketing. An investor in over 60 self storage partnerships, he has managed a real estate portfolio that includes more than 90 self storage facilities, a resort area hotel, and industrial centers in fifteen states.

Ryan’s extensive experience in financial management of properties includes forecasting, developing programs to reduce operating expenses, increase income and maintaining budgets. One key way that Ryan has maintained profitability is through expert management, providing direct supervision of more than 250 employees and creating and implementing effective operational policies and procedures.

In spite of economic downturns, Ryan’s inventive marketing and revenue strategies have led the industry. Ryan was one of the first to implement mandatory tenant insurance reforms. He was also one of the first to take advantage of using the Internet for online real-time reservations, rentals, and payments. His innovative use of Internet advertising includes creating and managing $1 million-plus Google/Bing ad campaigns. He has implemented a very successful sports marketing program, taking the self storage industry to the worlds of the NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL while leveraging this program to increase occupancies and income. His MLB digital campaign was runner up for the best digital campaign in 2010.  Other television, radio, social media, free truck rental promotions, merchandise incentives, sweepstakes, and rent rate management programs also help to build sales and strengthen his portfolio’s return on investment.

With his extensive background in self storage operations, Ryan oversees the daily operations of the Store Here Portfolio as well as RHW. Keeping Store Here competitive and maximizing income through best practices is his primary focus.

Ryan earned his undergraduate degree from California State Polytechnic University Pomona in 1987. Prior to joining CJ Bonner Corporation and Dahn Corporation, a top ten self storage operator, Ryan was with Nielsen and Nielsen as a commodities broker.

Ryan currently is on the board of directors for the Kansas Self Storage Association. He also advises several industry software, merchandise, and tenant insurance companies.

Christopher Weber

Christopher Weber served as vice president for over 15 years for one of the top tier real-estate investment and property management companies in the nation, managing a portfolio valued at more than $250 million. Skilled at realizing significant portfolio growth through acquisition and development deals, he has a history of maximizing profits with minimal staffing. Chris brings extensive financial analysis skills to operations management. He has conducted in-depth financial audits and market analyses to evaluate project growth and expansion, reducing investor risk while maximizing the potential for high returns.

Chris has more than 25 years of experience at the site level, evaluating capital improvements, controlling expenses, and adjusting rates to ensure property profitability. Chris assisted with the development and implementation of accounting and automated access control software, eliminating manual accounting systems at all locations. His attention to detail and his ability to keep in touch with current local market trends has allowed him to actively adjust rental rates and discounts; this responsiveness to local markets has resulted in annual revenues in excess of $50 million in diverse economic environments.

Directly responsible for the day-to-day operations of 100 self storage properties totaling more than six million square feet located in eight states, Chris has supervised over 300 field managers, relief managers, and their assistants. Rather than typical “rental bonus” programs that are fairly standard in the industry, Chris created and implemented innovative employee recognition programs to reward key staff for successfully managing their properties. These reward programs motivate employees while reinforcing key behaviors that maximize profits (e.g., rental activity, delinquency reductions, merchandise sales, total income, etc.). Chris has also applied his financial acumen to managing facility payrolls, implementing a fully automated web-based time and attendance program that reduces overtime pay by over 90%.

Chris earned his undergraduate degree in finance from California State University, Long Beach in 1990. In addition to his current P&L management role, Chris is responsible for all aspects of the acquisition process, from underwriting seller financials to coordinating escrow with the seller, legal, and title. He contributes to ongoing management with a focus on improving operational efficiency and financial controls.

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