Management and oversight of an operation of any size requires “buy in” from everyone involved. EVERYONE! To build a solid foundation, we believe that an Internal Marketing Campaign is a great place to start and a road-map to success.

We believe there are six main components to a successful Management Program:

1.  Senior management participation:

Visible support from internal marketing leaders; frequent and direct communication from c-suite executives is necessary.

 2.  Integrated organizational structure:

To encourage employee commitment, minimize hierarchical management process and empower employees with many key business decisions.

 3.  Strategic marketing approach:

Market to internal constituents in a manner that parallels how we reach out to acquire and retain customers.

 4.  Human resources partnership:

Human resources staff must consistently seek to integrate innovative methodology to train, communicate and foster feedback.

 5.  Focus on employee engagement:

Employee engagement is a result of an efficient and collaborative work environment where employees feel involved and motivated.

 6.  Internal brand communication:

Internal branding bridges the gap between promise makers (marketers) and promise keepers (employees).

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