RHW Capital Management Group was formed as a vehicle to acquire self storage assets and manage ongoing projects with state-of-the-art industry leading practices. We acquire assets based on upside potential and disposition forecasting. Our specialty is in acquiring multi-site portfolios, but we also have great interest in high quality individual assets. No deal is beyond our scope of interest.

If you have a property you would like to sell, have a circumstance that you may need an equity partner or would like to invest with us, please call us at 657-224-9444. We are a private company and don’t have all the red tape others might have.  We are flexible and can respond to your requests and needs quickly. If you are thinking of selling we can help package your property to maximize the return on your investment at closing.

Give us a call before you sell, put your property on the market or buy out another partner.

Our property management division will run your property as if it were ours. We are a nationwide management company that can help you manage your site effectively.  We provide real time site operations reporting and access to financial reporting when you need it.

For more information call us at 657-224-9444

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